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Must Read New Book: Reagan: What Was He Really Like
Review by Gary P Jackson


As someone who became an adult as Ronald Reagan was elected President, I have always loved and admired the man. Reagan was one of our greatest Presidents and the leader of the Conservative movement. Reagan’s enduring spirit shines brightly, even today.


When I was offered the opportunity to read and review the new book from Curtis Patrick, Reagan: What Was He Really Like [Volume One], I jumped at the chance!

Curtis Patrick was Reagan’s first advance man and a Special Assistant to Governor Reagan. He also worked on special projects and various task forces with Reagan during his presidential years.


There are hundreds of books that have been written about Ronald Reagan, but Reagan: What Was He Really Like [Volume One] is perhaps the most unique. Unlike most, this book doesn’t deal with Reagan’s time as President. Instead Patrick takes an in-depth look at Reagan during the time he was running for Governor of California, and takes us through 1968, and Reagan’s first attempt at the Republican nomination for President.


The book is told first person by the people who were there. Patrick, allows the reader to feel like they are right there in the trenches with Ronnie, Nancy, and everyone involved. Every chapter features one or two people who made it all happen. Most of these interviews have never before been published.


Patrick also includes many never before published photos and hand written notes, as well as newspaper accounts and other cool items of interest.


It’s wonderful to see a younger Reagan and his beautiful wife Nancy as they campaign.


This is the sort of book that one really doesn’t want to put down. The stories are wonderfully engaging and you find out so much about Reagan, and what he was like as a man. You won’t be disappointed.


Reading Reagan: What Was He Really Like [Volume One] it’s easy to understand why Reagan had such a loyal following. He was a truly good man.


This is a must have book for anyone who wants to know more about Reagan, or just celebrate his life. All of the people featured have wonderful stories to tell about a man of incredible character and courage. Readers will enjoy all of the behind the scenes action that goes on as Reagan transitions from being an actor, to General Electric pitchman and TV host, to Governor of California, all told by the people who were there.


Curtis Patrick has done a wonderful job of of putting this all together for all of us to enjoy. Ronald Reagan is such an essential part of history, and this gives us great insight into him, as a man.





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