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Now Available!

Volume II has been released!

What Was He Really Like











HENDERSON, NEVADA — Volume II is in the hands of the publisher and nearly ready for release: Thirteen years in the making! Powerful, yet intimate, insider’s revelations and stories of the fundamental principles, reasons and prescience that drove Governor and later President Ronald Reagan to accomplish his goals and achieve his many successes! Many of these First Person stories have never been disclosed before!


Read and see, as you are taken back to the dawn of Reagan’s political career, and all the way into the White House, how Reagan handled every complex situation which could possibly occur to a public official of a major, large Western state (California), rising above the fray to tackle the most serious issues imaginable, even at his own peril. Read an introspective analysis of Reagan’s mind-set, his goals, his quirks, his positive and negative characteristics, how he solved problems and handled tough assignments and responsibilities---revealed through the eyes of a few trusted colleagues who kept some of the secrets to themselves for decades. You are there!


Learn what those who were Reagan’s closest confidants and staffers heard and saw—FIRST HAND! Follow nineteen more, in Vol.2., of my colleagues, friends and mentors, some who started with RR before he ever decided to run for Governor of California, as they probe the depths of Reagan’s mind and character to find the real essence of RR; like NEVER before.


View over One Hundred Never Before Seen photographs, some from the recently discovered files of one of Reagan’s Premier photographers over a forty year span, Don Dornan; exclusively granted for use in this book!


Learn how Reagan succeeded in bringing America back from the depths of the Jimmy Carter “Malaise” debacle. See how Tax reductions stimulated growth in American business investment---and OPTIMISM & INCOMES soared!


See how President Reagan reached out across the ‘great divide’ to Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill to bridge the chasm of differences and strike one good legislative success after another!


Read of Reagan’s prescience decades prior to the movement of America down the road to Socialism, hatred and “Revenge” by the enemies of Capitalism, from 2008 through 2012!


Finally, see how Reagan’s honesty and strength gave hope for a better life---(NOT bloody fighting in the central squares and neighborhoods of towns and cities)---to millions of people at home and around the world.

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